Saturday, January 10, 2015

Membuat Toko Online Menggunakan Wordpress

Kali ini saya ingin berbagi bagaimana cara membuat website toko online menggunakan wordpress. Untuk menjadikan wordpress kita menjadi toko online yang powerfull kita perlu menginstal plugin woocommerce. Tulisan ini merujuk pada tulisan madriva solusi yang berjudul install woocommerce plugin pada wordpress. Tulisan ini adalah bagian dari tutorial membuat toko online gratis. Langkah pertama yang perlu kita lakukan untuk membuat toko online menggunakan wordpress adalah mendownload plugin woocommerce. Setelah didwonload ekstrak hasilnya dan tempatkan pada folder woocommerce. folder inilah yang anntinya akan kita upload ke website wordpress menggunakan filzilla. Selanjutnya jalankan filezill dan hubungkan komputer kita dnegan komputer server tempat hosting website wordpress kita. Masukkan host dengan nama domain kita, pilih tipe konek normal, dan isi username dan password hosting kita. Selanjutnya kita klik connect, jika data-data yang anda masukkan benar filezilla akan menghubungkian kita dengan komputer server.

Selanjutnya drag folder woocommerce ke folder wp-content/plugins dan tunggu sampai prosesnya selesai. lama tidaknya proses ini tergantung pada cepat tidaknya koneksi internet anda. Semakin cepat koneksi internet anda maka proses ini juga akan semakin cepat. Setelah semua file sudah terupload, selanjutnya buka wp-admin website wordpress anda atau dashboard. Buka di webbrowser dan masukkan username dan password seperti ketika anda membuat website wordpress pertama kali. Stelah anda masuk ke dashboard klik plugin dan cari woocommerce. Aktifkan plugin tersebut dengan memilih activate. Dan selesai website wordpress anda sudah terinstall plugin woocommerce dan anda siap untuk menjual barang anda di webiste tersebut. 

Perlu diketahui woocommerce mempunyai beberapa fitur yang tidak kalah dengan cms e-commerce yang lebih populer seperti magento dan prestashop. Seperti kebanyakan toko online yang lain, woocommerce dilengkapi dnegan fitur keranjang belanja yang akan menghiutng total harga yang dibeli pelanggan. Selain itu tentu saja fasilitas check out yang berisi alamat pengiriman, metode pembayaran serta penghitungan ongkos kirim. Pada woocommerce juga tersedia plugin jne plugin yang akan menghitung biaya pengiriman berdasarkan harga eksepdisi jne. Tentu saja kita bisa memodifikasi plugin ini sehingga tidak hanya jne saja tetapi juga ekpedisi yang lain seperti tiki, kantor pos dan lain sebagainya. Dan satu hal lagi wocommerce bisa didapatkan secara gratis. Selamat membuat toko online sendiri.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Tips & Advice to Find Cheap Flights

Some Tips & Advice on finding cheap flights
1/ Always shop around for the best deals & offers, be patient & don't get pressured into buying straight away. Remember, one company will never ever always have the lowest price on flights

2/ Be as flexible as you can, fly mid-week rather than over the weekends which tend to be more expensive.

3/ As a rule, the earlier you book the cheaper the seat.

4/ Most travel agents do not search all the low-cost carriers like Easyjet or Ryanair unlike Directline Holidays.

5/ Flying from a nearby airport or secondary airport can sometimes save you money. Don't always insist on flying from the main international airports. Search fares for flying from different airports to get the cheapest price.

6/ Compare like for like, so take into account surcharges, taxes & fees for other options.

7/ On certain routes & during certain times of the year it can sometimes be cheaper to book a "flight + hotel" package than it is to book a flight-only.

8/ As a general rule fares for USA are usually cheaper Monday – Thursday, with flights to a European destination cheaper Tuesday – Thursday.

Other Considerations
Due to the increase in competition from no-frills airlines, the traditional carriers are now hitting back with competitive pricing. There are still some real bargains to be had with a traditional carrier. With a traditional carrier you'll get assigned seating & some sort of in-flight service. Another very important point is that if your flight is cancelled, the traditional airlines will normally be able to get you onto another flight but if not, they will more often than not arrange accommodation. With the low-cost carriers you're on your own.

Directline-holidays have a brand new flight search tool that searches all the no-frills airlines as well as the traditional carriers. Using their flight search tool, you can compare all the flights in one search & even book online without having to go to the operating airlines site. They also have an excellent holiday search feature that searches holidays from every major UK tour operator.


Friday, December 26, 2014

7 Simple Steps For Starting An Online Business

OK, Lets be honest to ourselves..If you really want to make money  by starting an online bussiness and quit your day job you have to do some things first or forget it otherwise.

You are not going to really make money online if you do not treat your online business like any other offline business.

Here are some steps that i also did and everyone does if he is serious about making a good income online.

1. Announce to everyone that you are going to be Internet Marketer,your wife, your friends, your parents or your girlfriend or someone you want. Their first reaction will be discouraging for you maybe but when you start making money every attidude towards you will change. This can and will make a BIG difference in you life!Imagine yourself working from the comfort of your your home for some hours a day and making a four or five figure income!

2. IMPORTANT.Whether you live with others or not tell them that everyday you will be working on your pc and for these 3 or 4 hours.....DO NOT DISTURB!!You have to be concetrated instead of being distracted every single moment.Adopting this attitude saves valuable time.

3. Work on at the same time everyday.This helps you to realise that this is a real job and  also helps everyone around you to understand that you are serious about that.

4. Think positive and have fun..This is extremely vital  because every business has its ups and downs and you ought to be prepared.

5. Educate yourself everyday.Searching in forums or blogs is a good way of doing that...Understand first,

and then Implement everything that you learn.You have to implement what you learn even if you do not know exactly what you are doing..You have to experiment..You are not going to really break anything.

6. Work everyday and rest on weekends.Giving yourself a two days brake helps you to reorganise everything in your head and think.

7. Have the correct mindset.There are many among us that think that they will go from zero to 1000$ a day in just 1 month.This will never happen!

Starting an online bussiness takes time, a lot of effort but if you do not give up in the first 6 months you will start seeing results that can change your life forever.